We are looking for an applicant with a background in bioinformatics that has a strong drive, is structured and highly motivated to work as a part of a team in a startup company.

In your role you will play an integral part in the development of a diagnostic service platform based on next generation sequencing technology, working in close collaboration with microbiologists, IT developers and bioinformaticians.

The assignment will include:
·       Constructing databases with genetic markers
·       Optimization and validation of the diagnostic service platform
·       Developing and atomization of bioinformatic diagnostic pipelines
·       Being part of the planning, execution and analysis of technical and clinical verification studies of the software
·       Developing new methods for bacterial resistance detection and typing in complex metagenomic samples
·       Set up scientific studies in collaboration with the largest hospitals in Sweden

Technical Qualifications

·       MSc or PhD in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry or bioinformatics
·       Experience of bioinformatic analysis
·       Experience of handling large-scale biological data
·       Programming skills (eg. Python, Ruby, Perl)
·       Comfortable with working in Unix environment

Other Qualifications

·       Good communication abilities
·       Strong Drive
·       Flexibility 
·       Team player


To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter at

For more information regarding the position please contact:

Wilhelm Paulander
+46 761 00 69 09